UPR Series
UPR Series PTC thermistor over-temperature protection using PTC thermistor resistance at the Curie temperature for more than a sharp increase in the value of the properties, when any unusual increase in ambient temperature, the PTC thermistor with protection circuits through the resistance changes and to connect or disconnectthe circuit to achieve the purpose of the protection components.
●UPR Series PTC thermistor over-temperature protection are two series of products form: A-lead type,B-surface mount type.
●The protection of the temperature range: 60 ~ 130 ℃, quick reaction time.
● The long-term stability and small size, easy installation.
● Overheating protection products do not need to set up.
● Switching Power Supply
● Electronic equipment (transformers, etc.)
● Power Device
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Series Code Res. value protection temperature Wire AWG & Lengths
UPR 101R T 90 = 90 ℃ 30 : 30AWG  400 : 400 mm
UPOT Sensor  at 2 5℃  T100 =100 ℃  
 PTC thermistor 101R=100Ω T120 =120 ℃