UTMX-33A Modules
The UTMX-33A module consist of an UTCX-U6A sensor and integrated circuit to provide a linear DC Voltage for 0-100%RH to enable easy user application of the UTCX-U6A sensor. They are specifically designed for use appliances and controllers.
Feature Application
Wide humidity operation range Air condition ,humidifier, Dehumidifier.
Linear DC Out put Humidity controller, Humidity transmitter.
Easy operation Hygrometer, Hygro-recorder.
Long-term stability Copying machine.
Small and economical Clock ,Weather-forecast barometer.
2-1 Sensing element (Humidity): Humidity sensor “ UTCX-U6A
2-2 Supply Voltage(Vin): 5VDC±5%
2-3 Current Consumption: 5mA max:(2mA avg)
2-4 Operating Range:  
  Temperature 0 to 60℃
Humidity 95%RH or less
2-5 Storage:  
  Temperature -20 to 60℃
Humidity 95%RH or less
2-6 Humidity transmitting Range: 30 to 90%RH
2-7 Accuracy:  
  Humidity ±5%RH (at 25℃,60%RH,Vin=5.00VDC)
2-8 Humidity Output 0~3.3V Signal (Ref :Figure2.8-1): at25℃,Vin=5.00VDC
(Output Impedance approx:5KΩ)
2-9 Humidity(%RH) 30 40 50 60 70 80 90  
Output Voltage(V) 1.00 1.32 1.65 1.98 2.31 2.64 2.97  
CONFIGURATION & DIMEMSIONS                           (Unit :mm) 


●Terminal Connection
Terminal Content. (4Pin Pitch 1.25mm)
1 Power Source +5V DC. 
2 Humidity Output.
3 GND.
Remark: Please pay attention to the power source and GND polarity position.
4.Order From UTMX-33A is standard module with standard 3 pins(pitch=1.25 mm) of terminal Connector of voltage output for humidity。
UTMX-43A Configure of definition.
Input Voltage 5V
Humidity Output Voltage 0~3.3V
Temperature Output NA
Terminal Connector 3 pins(2211R-03G-LP, Pitch=2.54mm).
Accuracy ±5%RH(at 25℃,60%RH)

UTMX -33AB Modules enclosure (optional accessory) diagram below : Material: ABS Color: Grey Dimensions: 55ⅹ26 × 16